Good Fishing Locations in WA

Western Australia has some of the best fishing in the world. I have always believed that you need to go where other people don’t to have the highest chance of catching decent fish. Sure, you can head to the local fishing spots and you will get some good fish from time to time, but it’s unlikely that you will get a good feed of fish every time. However, if you were to visit Steep Point in the North West of Western Australia you are almost guaranteed to get a huge number of great sized fish. Basically the less accessible a place is the less people that visit it, and the more fish that you can catch!

If you have a boat then the fishing locations in WA are exceptional. Only a tiny portion of anglers have boats, which gives you a much better chance of getting something decent. Even off the coast of Perth some incredible fish are caught, very regularly. If you tow the boat up north you can expect to get considerably more fish, whether you are fishing or spearfishing. Be very aware of the marine zones in Western Australia; there are quite a few and many have banned fishing.

If you are caught fishing in them then you can expect a heavy fine, with no tolerance what so ever for those who are ignorant! There is good beach, rock, boat and spear fishing in Western Australia, and you don’t even have to go that far to find them. If you have a four wheel drive your options are opened up considerably more too!

Source by Aaron Schubert

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